Double Checking the room after balloon decor job When we finish a balloon job, we always take a moment to step back and look at the room. This photo shows us doing just that after completing the setup for a corporate meeting held at Tampa Waterside Marriott downtown. Everyone in our staff is working in this photo, doing something neccessary after every event.

You can see clearly Jonathan and Kathy in the middle of the room discussing the layout and placement of the pieces delivered. You can see Chris in the back left of the room, speaking with the client and making sure any final requests are met. Dimetri is out of sight behind the camera, taking photos of the venue, of each of the balloon decor pieces, and making sure we have a record of our work. We make it a point to go over these photos at a team to make sure that all events are as perfect as they can be.

After this photo was taken, we made sure to realign the centerpieces so that they are best viewed entering the room and walking toward the front of the meeting. We also made sure that they were evenly distributed amongst the tables, bar area, and the high tops.

These simple centerpieces went a long way in helping to transform the event into one that was just a little bit more fun and festive for all the great news they would be sharing at the corporate event.

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