What A Caricature Artist Offers at A Birthday Party

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Caricature is the art of drawing a real person in a funny, distorted way that exaggerates particular features while retaining a likeness to the subject. In simple terms, you can call it exaggerated portrait painting. Modern day caricaturists are much more than painters. They are entertainers. Besides drawing, they also amuse guests and keep party spirits high. This is why they are an excellent choice for children birthday parties.

Caricature Background
Caricature is a genre of fine art that gained popularity in the 1600s. It was first created by satirists who wanted to ridicule politicians and other public figures. Back then, caricature paintings often carried a moral message albeit a satirical one. Newspapers and magazines today still use this aspect of caricature to poke fun at celebrities, politicians and other persons of interest. However, while ancient caricaturists used charcoal, pens, pencils and ink to make their drawings, modern artists have access to digital caricature programs such as Corel Painter and Adobe Illustrator.

Caricaturists Offer Special Entertainment
Caricature creation is now a recreational affair that is found in many events including weddings, birthdays and even corporate events. Finding a cool caricaturist for birthday party entertainment will bring in fun that will leave the kiddos smiling ear to ear the entire time. The masterpieces that the artist draws also give the guests something special to go home with.
The best thing is that caricature drawings of kids never go out of style. Simple clean art that’s professionally done will always remain fresh. It thus will serve as a long-lasting reminder of the fun time that you had at the birthday party. Some caricature artists go a step further to include an adorable caption at the bottom of every painting.

Booking A Caricature Artist Is Simple
A caricaturist is able to travel to just about anywhere he or she is needed. For areas that are close to the artist’s place of work, there usually are no travel charges involved. For long distances, however, you may be required to help the artist cover the costs of bringing the fun to you. On the whole, however, caricaturists usually offer their services at prices that are reasonable and quite affordable. You, therefore, have an excellent opportunity to get your child some cool caricature party entertainment. Contact YTE Orlando for a list of the most common entertainment options and their prices.

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