Pirate themed entertainment for USF Sarasota Princess and pirate posing

Ahoy mateys! Have ye heard tale of a land where pirates abound and treasure lies hidden? The scurvy dogs at Pirate Fashions invited us along for their maiden voyage at their grand opening event! Luckily we had more than a few salty sea-dogs to spare and sent them on their merry way. 

Our team of talented performers could be heard singing sea shanties around the block and maybe even all the way to the next port of call! Landlubbers walking by were sure to take notice and many were drawn in by our tantalizing siren song. Once inside, there were pirates standing by for assistance in what is considered high fashion on the seven seas. 

Pirate Fashions quickly established itself as a home for those that had sworn the pirate oath. Many passersby had become full fledged pirates with Gasparilla gear as our crew celebrated alongside them all day long. We love doing events like these, setting up your business for success by getting noticed and having stories spread far and wide across the seas!

If you’d like to have some pirates at your next event, please let us know!

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