Sky Zone Balloon Decor Ceiling Orange Blue We decorated Sky Zone for their grand opening in Brandon this recently and had a blast doing so! We were able to stay within their budget and create a cost-effective way to brighten up the room with hanging balloon decor from their ceiling area. We call these hanging columns with 3 foot balloon “toppers” at the base. Sky zone did not opt for it, but we can also make them light up, explode, or can even make them way more fancy than we have shown here.

The balloons decorated their location for OVER A MONTH and kept the place looking bright and fun!

Sky zone had deals and specials for the whole day, allowing guests to jump all day for $11! It was tons of fun with games, activities, music, and more!

If you would like to inquire about balloon decor for your next event, Please call 813-245-9441

Here is a great video from Jump Zone for those that are not familiar with the family friendly jumping location:

Here is also there “Coming to Tampa” video as well where they tell a little more about the location, its size, and what you might see there.

You can follow Sky Zone Tampa on facebook here.

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