Make it an unforgettable New Years Eve Celebration for 2024 with balloon drops! Balloon drops come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Our two most common types of Balloon drops are the traditional suspended net setup and pop drops!

Pop drops are one of our favorites. They make an unforgettable impression on everyone who sees them, and are an extra special way to ring in the new year in a way your guests haven’t seen before! Pop drops are made of one large balloon filled with smaller balloons, and when the time is right the large balloon will be popped to release the shower of small balloons! For the most impressive effect have multiple spaced throughout the room so each guest gets to feel the balloons raining down. Pop drops can be made as centerpieces, columns, or even mounted on the ceiling, depending on the event space.

Traditional net balloon drops are made up of an expansive net that encases hundreds or even thousands of balloons waiting to be showered upon the guests at the big moment – whether that’s New Year’s Eve, a wedding, an awards ceremony, or graduation! Guests love the effect of balloon drops whether it’s one big traditional drop or several pop drops, so be sure not to leave this exciting element out of your New Year’s Eve celebration! Need more NYE inspiration? Shimmer walls are totally in right now, and are the perfect photo wall feature!

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