Wedding venue corporate decorWhen hosting a formal school dance, balloon ceiling decorations can help make a huge impact without taking up floor space at your event. Whether it be a dance floor canopy or a hanging series of balloon garland, the look is very similar. It brings depth and a unique atmosphere to the room while also not taking up much, if any, floor space.

Why have balloons at your prom or homecoming?

School Dance Floor DecorThe short answer is that the possibilities on themes are literally endless. Whether the theme be fire and ice, nautical, casino, out of this world, or just black and gold elegance, balloon decorations can accent your theme and really help the event pop. It can cover up the drab look of some venues and transform them into beautiful destinations for one of the most monumental moments in your life.

It always is a blast for us getting to create custom balloon creations for each of the unique and fun themes that students come up with each year. There are certainly classics that are fun to do, but the challenges and creativity involved in the unique themes really get our team motivated for special events.

What types of ceiling decor are available?

The most common types of ceiling decor involve the dance floor. Canopies are super popular with homecomings and proms as they accent the place where most students will be spending their time. It encases the dance floor visually and helps to maintain a designated area for dancing. They can be completed full canopies or, more often due to budget, an abbreviated canopy. Abbreviated balloon canopies can be box canopies (balloons going from corner to corner in the shape of a box), star canopies (a canopy of balloons which start from a single point in the middle of the dance floor and reach out to each column), or a combination of both.

Can balloons be draped from the ceiling?

Of course! Balloons can be draped from the ceiling as well in most locations. We can use strands of balloon garland to accent a room or dance location. We can also just hang round balloons from the ceiling as well. Sometimes clients have chosen to do both. We will put a canopy over the dance floor and then a few strategically placed balloons hanging over the seating area to help distinguish the areas visually for the guests. This slight change in visuals help when looking for things to do at the school event. This particular style of balloon decor is very much dependent on the venue. That said, we are more than happy to send our staff out to the venue to meet with you and to speak in person about some of the possibilities available at your particular location.

Other ways to accent a Dance Floor

Dance floors are fun and though they are often accented with ceiling decor, there are other ways to accent them as well. One of our favorite ways to separate a dance floor from the seating area is with a balloon wall. Though walls come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, the foil balloon wall tends to be the most fun. Once the DJ is at the dance and playing music, they will often have their lights and lasers bouncing around the room. These extra lights are magnificent when shined onto and bounced off of the foil decor. We try to keep the walls suggestive rather than completely blocking off an area. We want there to be movement, but a clear visual line. We do this by making partial walls that are filled with artistic gaps in their design. This allows for people to sit at the tables and see people while still creating a defining characteristic of the room.

Ceiling Balloon Decor for Homecomings and Proms

When it is all said and done, the day is about creating a special moment that everyone can remember for a lifetime. By adding balloon decor, themed to the event, we can help create an atmosphere that will not be forgotten. Table centerpieces are seen, but quickly overlooked. Entrance pieces are awesome and make for great photo opportunities, but are walked past as students enter the venue. Ceiling decorations are seen the entire night and are monumental in crafting the perfect look and feel for any themed dance.

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