When you are hosting a special event, sometimes you want a special kind of decor for your event as well. Balloon decor can be great for that. Specifically, ceiling balloon decor is a fun and impactful way to decorate in a unique way. The applications of balloons for ceiling decor are limitless.

Corporate theme nights, grand openings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, and sports events all have opportunity to include ceiling balloon decor.

Hanging Topiaries

These are large clusters of balloons tied together in a ball and hanging from the ceiling to create an atmosphere of fun for an event. They can have as little as 6 balloons or as many as 12 when made of latex. Some foil balloon topiaries actually have as many as 20 or 30 balloons in them. For large ballrooms or areas where there is plenty of ceiling space to take up, we can also use the large twisting balloons to make a topiary balloon ball that is bigger and that resembles more of a snowflake type look. For these, we can use as many as 100 twisting balloons to create a unique and fun look for the topiary.


Hanging Columns

Similar to the topiaries, we can also create the same columns we might put on the ground and then place them hanging from the ceiling. This is a more filling look and can be quite impressive at an event. Rather than merely a column of balloons, we often also include a “topper” that can hang on the bottom of the hanging column as a large latex round balloon or a decorative foil balloon themed to the event.

Hanging Balloon Garland

We offer specialty linking balloons which can be used for decorating ceilings or walls. These strands of balloons can be put together to create a decorative garland to match nearly any theme at an affordable rate. Aside from the latex balloons which come in 2 main sizes, we also have foil letters and number that are very common for this type of decoration. Foil numbers and letters also come in different sizes as well, meaning that we can create some very unique displays for events.

Helium Balloons on the Ceiling

This option is sometimes more expensive than its air filled counterpart, but can be tons of fun. A typical helium balloon installation can last anywhere from 12 hours to 5 days depending on the size of the balloon, the treatment of the balloons, and the atmosphere in which the balloons are placed. Balloons in an air conditioned room that is not in direct sunlight may last longer than its counterpart situated in a skylight or sunroom. These can be especially beautiful when used in conjunction with lighting effects to create a mosaic type look out of the balloons. It can be all white with gold ribbons for an elegant wedding look or it can be super colorful and fun for a circus or children’s birthday party feel. If there is not a natural space for the balloons to congregate on the ceiling in your venue, we are also able to create a balloon corral which can help to facilitate holding the balloons in place for the duration of your event. Short of air vents, gusts of wind entering the door, and ceiling fans, this can be a really fun look at nearly any event.

Modified Centerpiece Ceiling Decor

Simple balloon centerpieces can often be repurposed or created in such a way that they can also double as a ceiling decoration. This is another great way to find ideas for ceiling decor at your next event. It can also be used for low ceilings where you would still like the impact of balloons without taking up anywhere near as much floor space with them.

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