Clowns are a delightful part of the entertainment at kids’ parties. Their big red noses, awe-inspiring makeup, and brightly colored hair inspire diverse feelings in children. However, even though some children fear clowns, having a professional and skilled clown at a birthday party will definitely make the event colorful and entertaining. There are a few things that you ought to consider when vetting clowns to come to your party.

Keep the Children Informed

Some kids and even adults are afraid of clowns. It, therefore, is fitting that you inform your kids in good time that a clown will be coming to the party. A clown surprise at the party might conjure up undesirable reactions especially among audiences who are less than 10 years of age. Sensitize your kids and gradually help them warm up to clowns. Show them that the clown is a friend keen on making them happy.

A Clown Can Do as Much as You Want Them to And More

Most people underestimate the entertainment potential in clowns. Clowns can paint faces, perform magic tricks, juggle, dance, sing, walk on stilts and even tell stories among many other things. You, therefore, had better enquire the full range of acts that the performer can showcase at the party. Often the clown will have different packages with different acts.  Find out which acts will thrill your guests and have them exhibited at the party. Of course, different packages cost differently. Therefore, have your budget in mind when hiring.

Always Get a Second Opinion

Adequate referencing is a must especially if you are a newbie at hiring party clowns. Your friends and relatives will point you to the best clown for your party. They may also offer useful warnings to keep you and your children safe from some of the dishonest party entertainers. At YTE events we are always ready to offer references to potential clients at no extra cost.

Know Your Clown

Do not be modest about uncovering the mask and having a peek at who a clown really is. Meet him or her personally, look at their social media profiles and review their online presence. This makes sure that you know who exactly is working with your kids.

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