Did you know that the Toronto Blue Jays train locally here in FL? They’ve had a home here for nearly 50 years! We helped them welcome the new season this past weekend with balloon twisting, branded baseball bat balloon columns and face painting, even including their logo as an option! We can recreate almost any company’s logo as a face painting design, especially if given enough time that we can have a stencil created to perfect the logo’s design. Perfect for Major leagues or little league games!

Even with the unusually windy weather in our area this past weekend, we made the balloon decor work! Weather is an important factor that we consider when planning for events which will be held outside. If the weather is forecast to be rainy, high winds, or have extremely high temperatures, we may have to decide to assign décor pieces different placements to to ensure the balloons last longer and have the best visual impact for our clients’ event!

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