Balloon centerpiece of a pink and white flower with a green stem in a banquet hall .

At formal events, a light touch goes a long way. Grand displays are great for outdoor events and big corporate events, but a formal dinner or wedding reception doesn’t need something that huge. That’s why, for this client, everyone opted for something that was more down-to-earth. Some colorful centerpieces and a few other touches helped brighten up the event!

The centerpieces we made were floral sculptures. We started with a foundation of light green balloons, bigger on the bottom than the middle. From there, a petal arrangement of pink balloons formed the outer bloom of the flower. The inner bloom was made of white balloons, with a gold balloon in the center of the flower. All of this sat on a pink napkin and golden plate to match the upscale decor. 

All the choices that we made for this piece were done with the client’s tastes and decor decisions in mind. These centerpieces were placed on the tables across the dining area and bundles of white balloons floated near some of the common spaces of the hall, like the plate table. 

The color scheme was picked out by the client ahead of time, so our job was to go in and match it. Adding in these small touches is just a part of what we do. Whether big or small, we enjoy playing our part in your big events!

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