Beautiful butterfly face painting from an event in TampaOur entertainers attend tons of functions every year and each of those functions have different themes, are at different locations, and each request a different type of entertainer or type of decor. Some of those themes are more popular than others and some of the locations are more consistent than others and some of the things requested tend to be at the top of the list. This photos is just all of that rolled into one. It is one of the most requested face painters who painted a butterfly (one of the most requested paintings for the face), at Amalie Arena (a very popular venue), for a carnival themed event. When someone asks us what we do, this photo pretty much says it all. Whether it is a carnival, birthday, corporate event, or school function; we make people smile. In this case, a little girl at a bolts family carnival is smiling because of her awesome transformation from child to extatic child with butterfly on her face.

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