Promotional photo of a group of kids wearing balloon parade costumes and a group carrying a balloon sculpture in the shape of the American flag.

Independence Day is almost here! The parties, parades, and other fun events are just around the corner. 

With all these gatherings coming soon, it’s easy to see this as an opportunity to stand out. Whether you’re a business looking to make a bright scene at the parade or a family looking to get out and have a good time, we have ways to help you get seen!

One of the ways we can help is with balloon costumes. These are brightly colored balloons that we tie off to your back. Then, we blow the balloons into fun and crazy shapes. You’ll be hard to miss with all those colors!

We also do something more like a normal costume, except with balloons! We use balloons of different sizes and shapes to sculpt a costume you can wear on the holiday. Whether you want a fun hat, a dress, or something else, we can make just about any kind of costume out of balloons!

Another great way to stand out is our group balloon sculptures. Our balloon sculptures are normally anchored to the ground using a weighted base. Instead, you and your friends or family can be the anchor, carrying the balloons with pride down the parade line. It’s easy to stand out when you’ve got a five-foot-tall sculpture of the American flag in your hands!

You can even combine all of these together for a bright display the whole town will see. No matter what you want your balloon sculptures to be, we’re happy to work with you to figure out what is best for you. The only limit is here is the imagination – if you can think it up, we’ll find a way to make it out of balloons! 

Reach out to us today and see what we can make for you!

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