Balloon Animal Minion Themed Headband

Minion Balloon figure on a hat at publix thanks to boars head event Tampa florida

Every back to school season, we have a series of events that take place at the local supermarkets. Specifically, Boars Head distributors team up with Publix to have a fun day of excitement for the guests that arrive to shop. They have games, prizes, activities, samples, and of course the balloon man from YTE Events and Balloon Decor.

Here we have a photo of a very special girl who received a minion balloon animal headband that she could wear around while she shopped. Matching her shirt seemed like a no brainer option when it came to choosing a custom balloon figure for her. The balloon artist twisted up some craziness with flashes of blue, yellow, black, and grey. Within seconds the young lady had a balloon hat worthy of showing off to her fellow shoppers.

Boars Head really goes above and beyond to help make sure Publix shopping is a pleasure on their event days. This is just one of the many fun interactions we were able to have with the guests. Event the older guests were loving the balloons!

Here is a fun shark week themed balloon animal that was twisted up by another one of our balloon twisters.

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