Henna artists are gradually becoming a popular attraction at events such as Bar Mitzvahs and birthday parties. This ancient art is now appreciated as a terrific way of diversifying the entertainment and making a birthday party unique from other parties.

What’s Henna
The culmination of an artist’s work at the party will be beautiful intricate designs called Mehndi on the hands and feet of everyone willing to have then drawn. These designs are neither tattoos nor are they permanent. The henna isn’t ink or paint; it is a natural dye processed from green leaves of a plant called henna. The green-leaf extract is then mixed with tea, coffee, tamarind and cloves to form a paste that stains the skin. It, however, does not penetrate beyond the keratinized skin layer.

Henna Application Process

  • The henna artist doesn’t need any needles to apply henna.
  • The paste is simply applied to the skin and once it falls off, an orange stain in left on the skin.
  • The henna paste remains wet for up to 20 minutes, and thus one should take care during this period so that the design doesn’t get smudged.
  • It may take at least 5 minutes for an artist to complete one henna design.
  • Within the 48 hours that follow, the stain will darken further to brown or brick red.
  • The patterns are not permanent and thus will come off the skin after a month or so.

How Henna Artists Improve a Birthday Party
Henna Gets You a Healthy Birthday Party- numerous benefits have been associated with henna. The oil in henna leaves has various forms of medicinal benefits that range from anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, astringent to hypotensive among many others.

Henna Adds Beauty into A Birthday Party- children love it when their body gets all prettified. Henna paintings look super-cool on the skin, and they do not come with any of the health risks associated with permanent tats. On top of that, henna artists can inspire children to be creative by asking them to pick or even design the patterns that they want drawn.

There’s no denying it; henna designs are beautiful. By hiring a talented artist, one can easily transform a birthday party into a beautify artistic experience.

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