Training in Balloon Decor sculptures with YTE Events in Tampa YTE Events and Balloon Décor has a dedicated staff of balloon decorators and event managers who are continually educating themselves on how to be better for you. We want to make sure every one of the events we work on is professionally done and of top notch quality. Because of this, we routinely gather our staff together to build pieces and to help on projects so that they can be fully familiar with the balloon décor YTE Events has become popular for delivering.

With over 175 different combinations for a balloon column (before you even consider the color choices!), there are literally infinite possibilities when it comes to balloon décor. The staff each works on something new every one of these meetings. Whether it be a new combination that hasn’t been done before, playing around with a new brand of balloons, testing float times, viewing the newest foil balloons on the market, or just goofing off with something crazy… Our staff is always learning more and able to use that knowledge to help create a fun and memorable experience for our clients.

In addition to having in house training sessions with our crew (about 1 time per week), we also routinely join conventions, jams, or other gatherings where we teach, train, and work with other companies in the area. Since we offer the absolute top of the line balloon décor in all of Central Florida, we feel it is our duty to the industry to make sure that other decorators in the area maintain a high quality standard as well. We believe it only helps the entire community when clients hire any of us for an event and see that there is a superb quality in balloon décor and an excelence in exicution at an event.

If you are interested in getting a quote for an event or décor opportunity that you have coming up, please let us know and we will be happy to work on a unique custom quote for you. Just contact our offices via phone, email, or the convenient contact form on our website.

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