Quarantine Balloon Birthday Surprise Deliveries

During the current pandemic balloons have become increasingly popular due to the mandatory quarantine orders and the mandatory stay at home orders that were issued. Major milestones and life events could not be celebrated in our old ways and it was amazing to see all of the kind and thoughtful ways people created to celebrate from a distance. The ways in which we celebrate began to change and the way we celebrate had to become more creative.

For me personally, my business was focused on creating beautiful indoor balloon decor for birthdays, bridal and baby showers, fundraisers and all different occasions. Outdoor balloon decor was just something I did not do very often. In the balloon world there are so many factors that come in to play that can make it very difficult to display balloons outdoors.

When all indoor events and large gatherings were cancelled, we had to be creative and find new ways to celebrate these special occasions.

Lawn signs and “birthday Surprise” lawn decor became the new normal for balloon decorators across the country. This offered a unique way to deliver joy and smiles with beautiful arrangements while making no contact with anyone.

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Happy 13 birthday balloon display large yard number balloons yellow butterfly

The above photo is one example of some of the most popular outdoor balloon decor. This framed number 13 was created and delivered early in the morning for the little girl to wake up to and start her day of birthday celebrations at home. We added a mylar butterfly as a special touch and balloon topiary yard stakes were placed throughout the lawn. Guests who would have normally celebrated by coming to the party instead formed a birthday parade to drive by, beep and wave and drop off gif

Another popular lawn display is the “marquee”. These exciting displays can be created in many variations. The more popular are the marquees with the large foil numbers, letters to spell out the recipient’s name and then some fun foil balloons were added based on their interests. The Unicorn display was the most popular! Who doesn’t love the magical unicorn!

Balloons are not just for kids! Many spouses surprise their loved ones with balloon marquees, “mini arches” and special custom designed displays for their big days and celebrate milestone birthdays. Dave was supposed to get a boat for his 40th but with everything being shut down, he got an anchor instead!

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