At YTE Events & Balloon Decor, we specialize in transforming ordinary pool parties into extraordinary events. One of the ways we do this is through our Balloon Decorations. These unique decor pieces add a touch of magic and whimsy to any poolside event, making it a memorable experience for all attendees.

Elevate Your Pool Party with Our Decorations

Summer in Tampa means pool parties! With the kids on summer break and the heat and humidity cranked up, spending time by the pool is a fun and relaxing way to cool off. But why stop at just a pool party? Why not elevate the experience with our stunning balloon decorations? We offer a variety of options that can liven up any poolside party, making it a truly unforgettable event.

Pool Party Fun

It’s summertime, so you know what that means? Pool parties! While summer lasts a lot longer here in Tampa than in the rest of the country, summer means the kids are on summer break and the heat and humidity are really cranked up. Time by the pool is a fun and relaxing way to cool off and spend time together.

So, why not go that extra mile and bring some color to the pool? We’ve got some amazing pool decorations options that can help liven up any poolside party!

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Classic Outdoor Pool Decor

The classics can always be used for decorations. You add a balloon arch or even some helium bouquets for poolside decor. Typically, we will see helium balloons that are larger instead of smaller party balloons for these decor options. This allows for the balloon decor company to under-inflate them a little bit to help with longevity in the heat and humidity near the in ground pool deck.

Otherwise, any classic decor is possible at the poolside. Many of these decor options are among our frequently requested options, so we have plenty of experience to help you choose the best decor for you!

Colorful Columns

installation made of pool inflatables swimming pool bday Bowman Heights YTE Events
Another popular pool decor option we have is balloon column sculptures. These are balloon sculptures that stand six to eight feet tall and are designed to grab attention. We top the columns off with large latex or foil balloons. We also use whatever color scheme and design elements you want!

We see these used a lot for the entrance to the event or as a focal point for the main pool area of the party. Our columns also have unique elements that we can add to them, like extra balloon sculptures or reflective foils. Anything that helps our customer’s theme and style to shine through!

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Arches over the Swimming Pool

One of the most popular requests is balloons that arch over a pool. Because these can be tethered or framed outside of the pool itself, it allows for both the pool and the surrounding area to be available for guests.

These can be done in many different ways, but we always suggest either using either foil balloons or 16-inch and larger latex balloons to help with the longevity of the helium balloons outdoors.

Floating Balloon Sculptures

pool inflatable balloon swimming pool celebration North Hyde Park YTEevents
It’s not a surprise to say this, but balloons float! So, when we can build decor pieces that float on the top of the water like a balloon flower or a balloon lily pad. With this, we can create a fun and exciting environment for your guests. It is also way more fun than just putting a chloroplast or foam core pool sign out that may fall into the water.

The floating balloons will move with the water current, can be pushed around by the guests in the pool, and can even be part of games and activities in the pool. If you prefer them to be tethered in a specific location, we can accommodate that with fish line as well.

Balloons Floating Above the Pool

Another fun choice for balloon pool decor is to anchor some balloons of your choice into the water. With the right weights and string, we can make it look like your balloons are floating above the surface of the water! Imagine your guests walking out to the pool to see these pool floats made of balloons bobbing gently above the pool!

If you really want to WOW your guests, you can have balloons floating on top of the pool AND balloons floating above the pool with helium. The mixture of both gives a really elegant look to any pool party.

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Beach Ball Arches

swimming pool event balloon design consisting of floaties South Westshore YTEevents
One of the most interesting pieces we make for clients is the beach ball arch. Most of these sculptures are seven to eight feet tall. The arch stands tall enough for people to walk underneath and is great for marking an entrance or a key feature of the decor.

This piece was a little different, though. Instead of being made out of balloons, we used beach balls! We tie these beach balls to the same arch foundation and add any other decorations the client wants us to add.

As an added benefit, we are able to purchase additional mini inflatables that can be given away at the end of your event. We can attach them to the beach ball arch as decor throughout the party but can be a nice little souvenir to go when people are ready to leave.

One of the great things about beach balls is that they remind us of the sun and sand we can get at the beach. That’s what makes this fun change on a classic so appealing for the pool. Who doesn’t want to bring a little slice of the beach home with them?

Beach Ball Arches are great for:

  • Outdoor events in direct sun
  • Indoor events where you want to dial up the beach ball party theme
  • When you want the arch to be able to last a long time
  • When you want to really look awesome and have the newest trends
  • Pool party decorations ideas to make your guest say WOW!

So Many Options to Choose From

We’ve just scratched the surface of the things we can offer for your pool party! We have all kinds of balloon pool decor options to choose from. You’re welcome to try and of the DIY pool decor options, but we’d love if you would reach out to us and see what we can offer for your party or beach themed event needs! We love to help bring smiles and fun wherever we can.

Feel free to check out more on our balloon arches for events.

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