A pair of black and white balloon columns with foil balloon toppers displaying the number fifty.

Fifty years is a long time for just about anything. In fifty years, two generations are born and grow, meaning there’s a lot of time in there for memories, achievements, and stories. When something reaches that awesome milestone, it’s no wonder that people want to celebrate! We were lucky to recently help celebrate one of these milestones with a pair of balloon columns and matching decor!

To make the balloon columns, we started with the base. The client wanted to go with a black and white color palette, so we used those colors for the spirals on the column. We ran the spirals of balloons up the entire five feet height of the columns. To top everything off, we used a pair of foil balloons as toppers for the columns. What better way to get that milestone celebration across than with a pair of big foil numbers reflecting 50 back at everyone?

We also made up some extra decor pieces for the event. The balloon bundles kept to the black and white color scheme. We paired off two black and two white balloons to make sure we didn’t go overboard. This was a formal event, so we wanted to make sure the decor wasn’t too much!

Once we had everything built, it was time to deliver! Our client’s event was in one of the skyscrapers in downtown Tampa, so we had an interesting time bringing all these pieces up that high!

Even though it wasn’t a huge arrangement on our end, contributing to these kinds of milestones is a great chance to reflect on what we’ve been able to do in such a short amount of time. YTE is still young, and we have a lot more events to bring fun and color to!

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