Oxford Exchange Tampa Florida Buccaneers Building Balloon Decor Entrance Display


Making balloons for Oxford Exchange in Tampa is always a pleasure. This particular installation was a ton of fun as we included 3 foot rounds, giant footballs, and even included some smaller balloons to give some texture to the piece.


We always love getting to build, but even more so absolutely love the buzz on social media after we complete installation. We had not even finished the install and people were driving by, stopping their cars, and getting out to take a photo in front of the building.


As with all outdoor balloon installations, we were concerned about the weather. We even had a tornado watch over the weekend. The balloon decor held up great! Yes, some of the balloons popped, but when we arrived to strike the event, there were still enough balloons to look fantastic for those arriving to brunch Monday morning after the big win.


This was in celebration of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers getting to the Superbowl. Everyone in Tampa was excited for the awesomeness of all our teams this year. We had the Tampa Bay Rays, The Rowdies, The Buccaneers, and the Lightning all do stunningly. Every team made Tampa proud. Truly a city of champions, Tampa was dubbed “Champa” after the Buccaneers solidified the dominating win during the big game.


If you would like to have a balloon installation at your location or if you would like to have a custom balloon decor sculpture, please let us know by completing the contact form.

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