Digital Caricature for Birthday Partys

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The digital world is one amazing world that offers us incredible surprises and fun. Combined with a great party, digital art provides one of the finest pieces of entertainment for kids. Digital Caricature is a great way to turn up the fun at a kid’s birthday party. All that’s required are digital tools and an artist who knows how to work digital magic.

How Digital Caricature Works
Cutting edge technology now gives modern day caricaturists a way to entertain large crowds at such events as birthdays. Instead of using the tradition pen, pencils, and ink, the artist uses a tablet to draw ultra-colorful caricatures. The best part is that the artist’s work can be projected onto a large display so that everyone at the party follows every move that the artist makes. On top of all that, it is possible to customize and personalize the final masterpiece to perfectly match your birthday preferences.

Why a Digital Caricature is Superior

  • Digital caricature offers a wider array of more vivid colors than traditional caricature. This result in pictures that are more beautiful and appealing than hand drawn designs. The artist is able to manipulate the work better resulting in amazing drawings.
  • Everyone takes part in the caricature. On top of everything else, a caricaturist aspires to entertain. Digital caricature offers the best platform for this. The work of the artist is projected onto a screen. This way, everyone can watch and be part of the drawing process. Digital caricature interacts with and engages everyone at the party.
  • Digital caricature comes with all the convenience that technology brings. First of all, the drawings are printed and can be reprinted on whatever material that either you or the guests desire. Usually, small 4” X 6” drawings are produced. However soft copies of the drawings are available, and these can be printed onto such things as mugs, t-shirts, caps, etc. With cloud hosting, such drawings are also available for download on the go across multiple platforms. This makes sharing on social media a cakewalk.
  • The drawings can easily be customized with such things as personalized messages and backgrounds.

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