Do you remember the day before lockdown?

Do you remember what you were doing the day before lockdown? I vividly remember working in my shop when a young Mum and her daughter came to see me. She had ordered balloons for her daughter’s 4th Birthday party. You can picture the party, an under the sea extravaganza, with mermaids and balloon fish. It was her first ever party, sharing time and making memories with the friends she had made at nursery school.

I could see the pain on her face as she explained that the party had been cancelled because of the coronavirus. She had spent all morning contacting all the guests to cancel the party. She was so very sorry, but she would have to cancel her balloons.

I looked at that little girl as her tears overflowed, and she cried, “Mummy, PLEASE don’t cancel my Birthday Party, I’ve been a good girl …” Mum got down to her level and tried again and again to explain that it was that virus that cancelled the party and that she had been a good girl. Clearly the little girl didn’t understand

The Coronavirus has been difficult for each and every one of us, but how does a Mother explain to her 3 … nearly 4-year-old daughter that she has had her party cancelled?

The pain was clear to see on her face. The only thing I could do was make sure that the little girl had balloons for her lockdown birthday. It wasn’t as elaborate as we had planned but in the 20 mins we had, she got her mermaid themed balloons. It didn’t stop her disappointment that the party was cancelled, but at least in that moment she knew she was a “Good Girl”.

Number 4 mermaid themed balloon decor delivery piece e1609216374672
Number 4 mermaid themed balloon decor delivery piece e1609216374672

I know that this is just one of the many stories we have heard over the course of this strange year; each and every one of them heart breaking in their own way. But this is the event that touched me the most and got my brain churning.

How do we make sure that families who are ready to celebrate can do so, safely and with style?

  1. Here’s how we have transformed from a traditional business to a something that serves you and gives you exactly what you need.
  2. We have a website store up and running. This means that you can access our services without the need to venture outside.
  3. A local delivery service means we can get our balloons to you so the celebrations can continue.
  4. We have created new designs that can be fully customised, so you are getting exactly what you want, with the visual impact you need.
  5. We are listening to you harder than ever before. Tell us what you want, how you want to celebrate, what you want your parties to look like.

The world is changing minute by minute and we are trying our best to keep up. I don’t want families to go through the heartbreak of cancelled parties ever again.

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