Buffalo Bills Western Birthday Bash

Western themed birthday cake If you are interesting in having a straight up hoe down, then a western themed birthday is certainly the way to go. So, put on your cowboy boots, grab a pair of chaps, and get ready to have a rodeo! Let us lead you greenhorn through the best way to throw together a good old fashioned Buffalo Bill Bash with these awesome western birthday party ideas.

Throw down some western themed invites for your guests so that they know what to expect. You can go to a store like Party City and grab some invites that look like a cowboy boot. Maybe a ten gallon hat, a barrel, or a cactus themed invitation would be a great idea as well.

Wild West Themed games can be fun and exciting. A western themed party is one of the few parties where you can justify a game of pin the tail on the donkey. You can also do burlap sack races, play a game of horseshoes, and even have a cow roping contest. If you can’t find real cows to rope up, try painting milk bottles with cow print and then using rings of rope to play a game of cowboy themed ring toss. Games are easy to theme for birthdays. So, get creative and have a blast!

Break out the chips and salsa for this one! Add a few peanuts and pretzels to the mix to snack on and you officially have the easiest food mix for themed snacks. For a main course, hot dogs and hamburgers work great. Other things you might try are cornbread based foods, stuffed peppers or star shaped cookies for those deputies at your party.

Western decorations are fun! Add a few bandanas, hay stacks, and cow print and you’re already there. If you want to take it a little further, you can add horse shoes, cacti, cowboy hats, a few lassos and some wanted posters around the venue as well.

There are many options for entertainment at a western themed event. You can rent a mechanical bull, have a western themed bouncy house, get a line dancer to instruct your guests on some western dances, and you can even have out a petting zoo. Other things are great too! Imagine a caricature artist draw your guests as cowboys and cowgirls or even as cows! Have a balloon artist make hats, lassos, cows, guns, and vests for the guests or a face painter paint horse shoes, horses, and even butterflies.

Get those boots out and get ready for a rodeo, petting zoo, and a whip-cracking good time. A western theme can be fun and exciting for everyone. Get a cowboy boot western cake and some goodie bags and you’re good to go.

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