Yard Art Marquee Happy Birthday 10 Years

When celebrating a birthday or milestone event, yard art is a great way to let everyone in the neighborhood know that something special is happening at your home. At this event, our client chose to celebrate their daughters 10th birthday with a beautiful balloon marquee that featured a large silver number 10 in foil balloons. Then they had it flanked on either side with happy birthday column-style yard stakes. This makes for a fantastic photo opportunity for the birthday girl, her family, and any friends that decide to drive by and show their respects on her special day.

Here are some of the other great photos our team snagged while they were at the event. We always love seeing how creative they are with taking photos. It is so neat to see all the angles and perspectives that they get with the balloons.


Birthday, graduation, or just because… YTE Events loves to help you celebrate with our balloon decorations. Give is a call or fill out our event request form to find out how we can help transform your event for you and your guests.

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