Short orange and red balloon column topped with a red star foil balloon for a table centerpiece

When we get requests for balloon decor, the size of the decor is one of the factors we have to figure out for the project. Some folks will want a large, over-the-top arrangement that really goes for the “wow” factor. Others, such as for this event, are looking for something smaller, just to brighten up the space and be a conversation piece. We don’ spare effort no matter how big or smaller the project is, and so we set forth on making this little balloon column the best it could be!

This column started off as a weighted black base with a vertical frame for us to tie balloons onto. We surrounded the base of this column with large, yellow balloons, four in total to cover the base itself. We added another layer of balloons, red in color to be distinct from the yellow at the base. We repeated this pattern for the top of the column, too. 

With those touches done, we had some flair to add to the column. A red, foil balloon in the shape of a star topped off our column. The foil helped catch the bright light from the lighting inside the venue nicely and helped make the column feel visually diverse in its look. Finally, a single, spiraling balloon went up the length of the column. We decided to make the balloon clear and yellow to match the color scheme and to make sure that people could see everyone else while sat at the table.

Even if this column only stood a couple of feet tall, we don’t judge a project based on its size. What matters is that our work makes people happy and enjoy their events and parties even more. If there’s anything that we can do, big or small, to make your event pop, talk to us and see what we can do for you. 

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