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Yard displays out of balloons are super popular right now and we have plenty of things to choose from. In an effort to simplify pricing, we will start with very basic, generic pricing up top and then will expand further into some of the add-ons and extras that you can get with your lawn decorations and balloon deliveries as well. We will offer prices, then descriptions, then more options and prices. Click here if you are looking for Birthday Specific Options.


Base Models

Starting Prices

Mailbox Topper: $40 each
Small Stakes: $35/each
Medium Stakes: $45/each
Large Stakes: $55/each
Lawn Numbers: $150 each
Pre-designed phrases: $25 with purchase of any two stakes above
Custom Phrases / Names: $10/letter with purchase of any two stakes above


Balloon Yard Art Display Options Base Models


Descriptions of Base Models

Mailbox Toppers are beautifully made foil mailbox toppers that are great for birthdays and graduations. These mailbox toppers are completely made of foil and tend to last longer than the latex balloons. They consist of 2 specialty balloons at the base (top of the mailbox) and then an 18 inch foil of your choosing.

Small Stakes are approximately 2 feet tall and placed in the yard in front of the home. These are great when you are attempting to cover a yard with balloons for a recipient. This is priced to allow multiples of balloons to be added and often each friend in a group may pitch in and order one of these to show their support. There are upgrades available which allow for more customized messages and phrases mentioned lower on this page. Base model includes one simple 18 inch foil which can be upgraded.

Medium Stakes measure approximately 4 feet tall and also comes with a standard 18 inch foil. This sculpture has a higher impact visually and can also wave in the wind a little more to give more visual appeal to the sculpture as it sits in the yard and draws attention from passersby. This is a stake that is large enough for a 14 inch number add-on if you wanted to celebrate their age as well. The 14 inch number add-ons are listed in the upgrades below. This makes an awesome stand alone birthday delivery if you are looking for something quick and simple to provide a shout out for someone’s special day.

Large Stakes are the tallest and most impressive of the yard art before we get into sculptures and large lawn numbers. This stand approximately 6 to 7 feet high and may include a single digit number on top of them from the selection of 32 inch foil numbers. An additional number can be placed on another large stake, or can be added as an upgrade listed below.

Lawn Numbers are anywhere between 4 and 8 feet tall and are made completely out of latex balloons. These custom framed and specialty made lawn numbers are a great way to stand out in the neighborhood. The coolest of the birthday gifts, these make quite an impact, especially when combined with items listed above. There are also upgrades available for these delivery pieces as well if you would like to accent them for a bigger wow.

Pre-Designed Phrases are limited to phrases that are available and which are in stock. The most common phrase currently is “Happy Birthday”, though there are other balloon phrases available on the market as well. These are an add-on that is available when ordering at least two or more yard stake displays. They are listed in the base prices for yard art because they are just so popular.

Custom Phrases and Names are where we can allow anyone’s name or any phrase to be written between two yard stakes. These are priced per letter as the letters are independent of one another (unlike the phrases above) and we are much more flexible in what we are able to say with these.


Popular Upgrades


14 inch Letters/Numbers: $10/ each
32 inch Letters/Numbers: $25/each (air-filled) or $35 (helium)
Pre-Designed Phrases: $25 each (air-filled)
Ribbon Tassels: $15 each
Curly Que Balloon Add-ons: $15 per stake
Mailbox Topper, Extra Base: $10


Descriptions of Upgrades:

14 inch Letters/Numbers are great for custom phrases or for a way to show someone’s age at a lower price than a larger number. These are great for double digit toppers on yard stakes and can even be put on the poles themselves for the medium and large yard stakes.

32 inch Letters/Numbers are the step op of the foil options. Typically these make a great topper on the large lawn stakes. Though they look better as single digits, the double digits are possible as well.

Pre-Designed Phrases are only available in the sizes and colors that the manufacturers make and that we have in stock. Currently, we have “Happy Birthday” in silver that can be added to a yard display or delivery. These are air-filled and do not float with helium. So, they must be purchased with a minimum of 2 yard stakes in order to put up in the yard.

Ribbon Tassels are a way to draw more attention to your yard art decor. These allow for more color and for movement in the wind as your yard decor pieces are placed in the yard for neighbors and friends to see.

Curly Que Balloon Add-ons are extra little bits of fun that add to the dimension of the balloons on the yard stakes. These little pieces add that little bit of whimsy and class that really puts your yard stakes into the realm of WOW!

Mailbox Topper, Extra Base This is just another way to add more color, height, or fun to a mailbox topper. We don’t recommend any more than three bases as something too tall can be caught be the wind. Just the same, upgrading from only two balloons to three balloons can really add a little bit of wow and fun to the delivery.


Photo Examples of Yard Art Deliveries and Balloon Displays

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